Myths and Suggestions

Myths About Vulval Pain

Vulvodynia is a disease

Vulvodynia is a symptom. The word literally means vulval pain. Vulvodynia is as much a disease as “headache”. It is a non-specific term and should never be used to mean any specific disease. It is a symptom of virtually every disease that affects the vulva.

If you can’t see it then it doesn’t exist

There are many women who suffer from disabling vulval pain who look completely normal. They may have diseases of their nerves, muscles, bladder or spine that cause them to have pain in the vulva. Never accept an explanation that there is nothing that can be done if there is nothing you can see.

Women who complain of vulval symptoms are mostly mad

Sometimes what is said to you by health professionals may sound like “It’s all in your head”, even when this isn’t really what they mean. Vulval symptoms are rarely due to psychological problems. Chronic, unexplained vulval disease can cause anxiety, depression and sexual disorders, but this isn’t the basic problem, it is a reaction to it. Most vulval disease is due to physical conditions that can be successfully treated.