What sport should I do if I have a vulval problem

The answer to this question isn't simple because it depends on what sort of a vulval problem you have.

Exercise is good for all of us and particularly if you are overweight and want to shed the extra kilos, exercise is essential. It relieves stress and helps prevent osteoporosis. However there are some sports that can play havoc with the skin of your vulva, particularly if you have a skin problem down there.

These include:

  • High impact gym classes particularly where you are wearing tight nylon leggings,
  • Swimming in highly chlorinated indoor pools,
  • Cycling particularly where you spend many hours on a bicycle seat.

If you have a pain problem and your skin is normal, there are still some sports that may be a problem for you. People with chronic vulval pain often have low back problems and certain high impact sports will make them worse.

What can you do:

  • Don't wear lycra,
  • Stay away from high impact sports,
  • If you are swimming shower straight after with a soap free product and immediately apply some non-perfumed moisturing cream to your vulva,
  • Unless you are really passionate about it, cycling and spin classes are better avoided,
  • If you have a pain problem, get some advice from a physiotherapist about the best exercise for you.