Research tells us that chronic vulval problems can be associated with many psychological effects. Patients with vulval problems lose confidence, can become isolated and develop low self-esteem. It is not surprising that a problem which impacts on your most intimate relationships can result in depression and anxiety.

Any chronic disease can be associated with depression and many patients with a vulval problem will experience sad thoughts as a result.

Even when a vulval problem has been adequately treated in a medical sense, it is common for pain and sadness to linger on. It is often the case that until this is addressed you won’t feel completely well.

It often takes time to get over the shock of a diagnosis of something that may need long term treatment and to come to terms with how you will incorporate this into your daily routine.

Depression is a common problem at all ages, but often more so in adolescents and young adults. Up to 25% of all females suffer from depression at some times in their lives.

If you are feeling down or depressed in connection with your problem and particularly if this is stopping you from getting help, please talk to your doctor for advice and help. Depression is treatable and there are many safe and effective approaches, which may or may not involve medication. Don’t delay seeking help or feel shame about it. Many people are too embarrassed to seek counselling, but psychological problems are just as valid as any other problem.

There are some very worthwhile services and help lines are available for you to call for help and advice.

The following organisations provide counselling and/or information services