Here is a list of terms that have been used throughout the website you may or may not have seen before.

Name Definition
Abscess A painful lump due to infection 
Angiokeratoma Purple lump on the labia majora
Anus The opening of the bowel behind the vagina
Aphthous ulcer A small painful ulcer of the vulva the same as stress ulcer in the mouth
Bacterial Vaginosis A vaginal condition causing heavy discharge
Bartholin Gland A normal oil gland found at the opening of the vagina
Biopsy A test to remove a small skin sample 
Blister A bubble filled with clear fluid
Candida Thrush, a yeast that causes vaginitis
Cervix The opening of the womb at the top of the vagina internally
Chlamydia A sexually transmitted infection 
Clitoral hood The female equivalent of the foreskin, covering the clitoris
Clitoris The femaie equivalent of the penis, located above the vagina
Clitorodynia Pain in the clitoris.
Coccyx Tail bone
Colposcopy A test done by your doctor to examine your cervix
Cyst A fluid filled sack under the skin
Dermatitis  An itchy skin disease that may involve the vulva
Desquamation Peeling of the wall of the vagina resulting in discharge
Digene Test A test for  high risk wart virus
Discharge Fluid, norma or abnormal, that comes out of the vagina
Dyspareunia Painful sex
Dysuria Painful urination
Ectropion A condition of the cervix causing discharage
Epithelium Surface of the skin or lining of the vagina
Erosion An area where the surface of the skin is missing
Erythema Redness
Estrogen Female hormone found naturally and in medication
Fissure A split
Folliculitis A rash consisting of pustules and red lumps
Fordyce Spot Normal oil glands at the opening of the vagina
Fourchette The opening of the vagina
Fusion Areas of skin stick together: occurs in some skin conditions
Genital herpes A sexually transmitted infection caused by a virus
Genital warts Viral lesions of the vulva and vagina, sexually transmitted
GroupBStrep A bacteria commonly found on vaginal swab tests
Hidradenitis Inflammation of glands of the vulva
HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus, AIDS
HPV Human papillomavirus, genital warts
HRT Hormone replacement therapy
Hymen The ring of skin around the entrance of the vagina
Hysterectomy An operation to remove the womb
Introitus The opening of the vagina
IUD Intrauterine device: a contraceptive implanted in the womb
Labia majora The fleshy outer lips surrounding the vagina
Labia minora The inner lips surrounding the vagina
Name Definition
Lichen planus A skin disease of the vulva and vagina that causes erosions
Lichen Sclerosus A skin disease of the vulva which looks white
Melanoma A dangerous red-brown-black skin cancer
Melanosis Harmless brown colour on the labia minora
Menstruation Periods
Molluscum Small viral lesions of the genital area, sexually transmitted
Mons pubis The fleshy area under the pubic hair on the lower abdomen
Mucosa The moist lining of your vagina
Naevus A mole
Natal cleft Crack between your buttocks
Orgasm Sexual climax
Pap test A test taken by your doctor to check for cancer of the cervix
Papilloma Skin tag
Pelvic floor A band of muscle between your tail bone and pubic bone
Pelvis The part of your body enclosed by your hip bones and lower abdomen
Perianal Around the anus
Perineum The skin between the opening of the vagina and anus
Premenstrual Just before your period
Progesterone Female hormone found naturally and in medication
Prolapse Something hanging down abnormally
Psoriasis A skin disease that may involve the vulva
Pubic hair Hair on and around the vulva
Purpura Purple spots
Pustule A small bubble filled with yellow fluid
PVD Per vaginal discharge. Just means vaginal discharge
Sebaceous gland A normal oil gland found at the entrance of the vagina 
Seborrhoeic wart Harmless non viral warty lesion of the vulva not sexually transmitted
Speculum An instrument used by your doctor to open your vagina 
Sphincter The muscle around the anus that normally keeps it closed
STI Sexually transmitted infection
Striae Stretch marks
Swab A test for infection done by inserting a cotton bud in the vagina
Trichomonas A sexually transmitted vaginal infection
Ulcer An open raw area where the skin has been lost
Urethra The tube that leads from your bladder where urine comes out
Uterus The womb
Vagina A blind ended tube leading to the opening of the womb
Vaginismus Word that has been used to mean pain with sex. Out of date
Vaginitis Inflammation of the vagina
Variant Variation of a disease or of something normal
Vestibule The opening of the vagina in the vulva
Vestibulitis Word that has been used to mean pain with sex. Out of date
VIN Vulval intraepithelial neoplasia: a precancerous growth
Vitiligo White patches on the skin due to loss of pigment cells
Vulva The skin surrounding the entrance to the vagina
Vulvodynia Vulval pain of any cause. This is NOT a disease